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Mind Your Mind

What does your mental state mean to you? Do you value it as much as you would value your physical state?

Going for a run, training in the gym, cycling with friends are predominately methods of physical wellbeing which give us that feel good factor after completion. We can’t dispute the benefits of physical wellbeing and how it correlates to your psychological health. Take a moment to think about how many hours you spend on physical activity each week. Do you practice the same principles when it comes to looking after your mental health?

Do you spend the same time taking care of your mind? If not, why?
Simple concepts such as going for a walk, allowing yourself to soak in the outdoors, diving into a book or listening to a feel good/self-help podcast? Every day is a school day as some might say! Educating your mind on a topic that you are passionate about can be a very gratifying feeling.

You’re probably reading this on some sort of smart phone or device, how about you leave that smartphone down for ten minutes of the day (just ten) and allow yourself to unwind, relax, or merely shift your concentration to something more fulfilling than scrolling through Instagram. Sit still, take time to do nothing, spend time with loved ones over a coffee (I know personally what lockdown has taught me is that there are plenty of lovely coffee shops around waiting to be found!) or simply give yourself ‘me’ time whatever that may be.

We should all prioritise ourselves and incorporate our own time to practice self-love, because how can we love others without loving ourselves first? It’s very difficult to say the least. Self-love can range from exercising, reading, listening to a podcast, enjoying some good food, or even better – doing nothing! Just relax, and let your body and mind get the rest it deserves (life is taxing enough).

We all have our different forms of self-love, and that’s okay, the more the merrier! I think we all forget to give time for ourselves and are sometimes consumed by looking after those around us. You only have one life, in that beautiful body of yours. Take care of it, both physically and mentally!

I know times have not been easy for us, but just remember. This is all temporary, the ‘light at the end of the tunnel’ (excuse the clichè) is near!

“Sometimes when you’re in a dark place you think you’ve been buried, but you’ve actually been planted”- Ben Bergeron.