We are a fully inclusive full body 45 minute fitness offering. You will be sure to sweat, meet great people and feel good leaving the BikeRowSki experience.

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First Timer – What To Expect

At BikeRowSki we pride ourselves on creating a fun, dynamic and exciting environment. We want you to be worry less about your first session, we have your back! Here is an idea as to what you can expect when you enter any BikeRowSki studio for the first time:

A warm welcome and a smile. Our coaches are here to help and will provide information on
how we conduct our classes and how to approach the first session. We advise taking every
BikeRowSki class, not just the first, at your own pace.

BikeRowSki is a unique experience. Every class is different but you will bike, you will row and you will ski in every class you attend. In our heated BikeRowSki Studios, a great workout and a sweat are guaranteed. Our goal is to create a feelgood factor that’s such fun you forget how hard you’re training! There is great comradery in every class, with great music, likeminded people and Rockstar coaches while all the time working toward your ultimate fitness goal.

In BikeRowSki, technique is very important so we guarantee the highest standard of coaching, not just in your first class, but every class thereafter. We are motivated to help you succeed in achieving your fitness goals.

Technology plays an important role in the BikeRowSki experience. We use Polar Flow to track our class attendees’ heart rates, bpm and calories in every class. Post class, our coaches are always happy to explain, the results and metrics from your class and answer any questions you may have. In addition, moving efficiently has massive benefits so our coaches will thoroughly explain the technique on any of the 3 Concept 2 machines utilised after class.

There are so many measurable aspects of BikeRowSki and we understand that our customers vary, everyone takes something different from a session. We’re here to ensure our customers get the best information possible to help continue the BikeRowSki journey.
BikeRowSki is not just a fitness class, we’re a community that will welcome you and provide you with a fun and challenging workout every time you train.