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Move, Sweat and Feel Good – Don’t complicate it

Beginning 2021 may not be what we had envisaged. Work environments have changed, you’re spending more time alone or away from friends/colleagues, kids may be a part of your workspace along with adjusting to being away from your normal exercise/food routines. That doesn’t mean your physical goals have to change.

Often, we over complicate our fitness journeys as we aim for new goals. Now more than ever it is important to keep it simple and start small. Social channels, blogs, and influencers can all make fitness feel like an impossibility. Just because you can’t train with your favourite coaches or attend the best local fitness experience’s it doesn’t mean your fitness journey has to suffer.

We all have amazing intentions starting 2021, but don’t let the global pandemic disrupt your fitness journey. Here are some top tips to stay on track until normality resumes.

Just move!
It really is that easy. Light exercise each day can have a massive impact on your mood and the choices you make. Start small and make each week achievable. Failure won’t motivate you so don’t set the bar too high when it comes to your fitness goals.

Easy Does It
This is not the time to change everything. Food, exercise, sleep, hydration and mindfulness. Yes, they are all amazing tools to help you improve your health and lifestyle goals. Trying to create ten new habits in one day can be quite daunting and again won’t set you up for long term success. Maybe try to create one or two new habits a week that you feel are most important. Overtime it is easier to add new habits than experience failure because you tried to change too much.

We are stronger together. As we kick off the New Year, lots of your friends and family are on similar journey’s with some new resolutions. Connect with those who can help, bounce ideas off each other and do it together. Even if we have to be apart we are stronger together.