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Reaching your potential is about finding your stress sweet spot and using it to push you toward your goals.

Stressors can energize and inspire you or destroy your motivation and energy. Being completely stressed out can make it difficult to reach your health and fitness goals; and not having enough stress can slow your progress. Too little stress can keep you from reaching your potential; too much stress can damage your health. Stress isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It’s your response to the challenges you face every day. These stressors can motivate and push you on to, achieve the sense of overcoming challenges; or they can crush your confidence and self-belief.
The key is to find your “stress sweet spot” – just enough stress, but not too much – so you can reach your potential without crashing and burning.
How can stress be positive?
A challenge or stress can lead us to be inspired, energised and motivated. Some stressors allow us to learn, grow and get stronger. Sometimes we even look for stress by exploring the edges of our comfort zones. Usually when we think of stress, we associate it with the more negative emotions like feeling distracted, worried and unconfident; high levels of cortisol and not enough rest and recovery.
How do you handle your stress?
The fantastic thing is that this can be largely shaped by you. You are in control!
Take a look at your current stress load and your environment. We can’t change everything, but we can change our attitude and coping ability. How we perceive the stress and work on building a supportive environment. Take a look at your physical stress load. We exercise and recover to get fitter and stronger, by adapting to the stress. Whether it’s physical or emotional, we are always looking for that stress sweet spot. If the stress is too low, we have no challenge; we’ll feel dull, lethargic, bored and unmotivated. If the stress is too high, we’re overwhelmed; we’ll feel anxious, obsessive and panicked.

When we find the sweet spot – we are energised and engaged; moving towards goals, learning and growing.
To find that sweet spot, it’s important to get some strategies in place.
Set Effective Goals:
Challenging but realistic, broken down into smaller, manageable actions to help you achieve them.
Start each day with one action:
Commit to it and be sure it’s something you can realistically do every day to build your confidence. Make that time to give back to yourself.
Supportive Community:
Spend time around a supportive community that will help and encourage you, keep you accountable and challenge you. BikeRowSki attracts this community, both coaches and clients. You’ll always be surrounded by those who want the best for you!
Exercise Relieves Stress
Exercise stimulates blood flow, releasing endorphins and happiness (it gives you a sense of achievement and it is something you are doing for you).
Practice self-compassion
Ask for help, you don’t have to go it alone.