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Why Fitness Should Be an Experience

People talk about wanting to be fitter. That can mean a number of things depending on the person though. It could be seeing some weight loss on the weighing scales, it could be having the ability to walk, run or cycle farther or it could be someone just feeling more comfortable in their own skin as a result of being that little bit more active.

People have busy lives and every minute can be precious so we often find ourselves short on time to dedicate to our health and fitness these days. Putting 45-60 minutes of time aside for yourself, even a couple of times a week, to switch off from daily stresses can lead to improvements in your fitness and wellbeing. Getting up and going outside for that walk or run, booking into that fitness class or meeting your friend at the gym can be the first step to a fitter version of themselves.
Just like the wheel though, fitness isn’t being reinvented but how it is being delivered and experienced by people should be ever evolving. From a gym or fitness studios point of view it’s clear that people crave a better overall experience when they spend time on exercise now.

Fitness has historically been something that the majority of the population find themselves dipping in and out of especially during busy adult lives, regardless of the best of intentions. Knowing that there’s more of an enjoyable stimulus waiting for people when they go to exercise will not only help people enjoy the process more while working towards that fitter version of themselves but it will also give them a better chance of maintaining it as part of their weekly routine.
A more engaging fitness experience gives us that chance to switch off and forget about social media, emails, buzzing devices and any other daily stresses. We can truly reconnect with why we enjoy exercise and that amazing endorphin filled feel good factor that comes with working up a sweat.
At some stage, for a lot of us, the idea of ‘grown up’ fitness seemed to go hand in hand with that lethargic phrase ‘I guess I should go and exercise…’, instead of getting that excited smile inducing childhood feeling of ‘I can’t wait to exercise later!!’.
As we grow up our lives take different directions be that with family or work and can become complicated. Fitness shouldn’t be one of those complicated chores, if anything it should leave you feeling exhilarated and will help improve other aspects of your life.
A lot of us seem to have forgotten that when it comes to our health and wellbeing it’s up to ourselves to just make that decision: find a fitness experience…immerse yourself, let go and have fun again!

You won’t regret it!