We are a fully inclusive full body 45 minute fitness offering. You will be sure to sweat, meet great people and feel good leaving the BikeRowSki experience.

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Semi-Private Training

Fairview & Douglas

What Is Semi-Private Training

With a maximum ratio of 3:1 coach to member, your coach will guide you through a full body strength and conditioning program.

What We Offer


Each session is carefully designed and adapted to your individual needs. Our individualised programming within the small group to ensure your goals are met by our coaches. Our goal is to educate you through the six main movement banners (upper push, upper pull, hinge, double leg, single leg and core) while moving well and feeling good through each session. Our team of coaches is there to guide, educate and inspire you within every session.

Smile, Sweat, Be At BikeRowSki

Experience What We Believe In

We strongly believe our fitness class will create healthier, happier people across the country and more importantly globally.