We are a fully inclusive full body 45 minute fitness offering. You will be sure to sweat, meet great people and feel good leaving the BikeRowSki experience.

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Let’s Talk Calories

As coaches we love to talk all things BikeRowSki with our members, be it pre class laughs, technique tips or post class feedback, we love questions! As we always say Bike Row Ski is for everyone!
It’s been a foundation block for us since day one to offer something for every member to get excited about. Calories is just another element of the great BikeRowSki experience!
The one studio metric that catches the eye of everyone, from the BikeRowSki veteran to the first timer is the polar calorie counter! For so many this is the metric that equates closest to the effort an individual puts in, in studio. So here are answers to the most common questions on burning calories: What is a calorie?
Simply put, a calorie is a measurement of energy. Or to be more precise the calorie is a unit of energy defined as the amount of heat needed to raise the temperature of water by one degree! But easy does it on the complex science jargon. Let’s keep it simple. In our case a calorie is a metric that quantifies a unit of energy used as you go about your day or Bike, Row and Ski your way through your studio experience with us.

Why are my calories less than everybody else?

Calorie burn (or energy output) is largely based on your body weight and the intensity of your activity. A person who weighs 60 kilograms will burn less calories than a person who weighs 100 kilograms. The lighter individual also requires less calorie intake daily. Taking daily energy requirements of both individuals into account we find that the percentage calorie burn equals out and is relative to that individuals requirements.

Is the calorie burn on screen accurate?

All personal heart rate monitors and trackers work off a series of algorithms (generally height & weight come into play here), these algorithms can only gives us an estimation built around statistics. So the amount of calories estimated can be below or above your actual calorie burn in that session. Remember to regularly update your weight statistics in your Polar Flow app. Always ask a BikeRowSki coach if you need help too!

Does the intensity of my training affect my calorie burn?

Intensity within a session plays a massive role in an individual’s ability to use (burn) calories. As you move/sweat your heart rate will climb into higher percentage efforts which will encourage an increased calorie burn within the specific activity. Depending on the session at BikeRowSki we will advise on the heart rate zone you should be in throughout your experience.

Remember, you don’t always have to track every form of exercise you do on a heart rate monitor as regular movement will make you feel good no matter how many calories you burn. Exercise and your fitness journey should be fun after all!
We know the BikeRowSki experience with your favourite tunes, lights, heat and the energy of your favourite coaches is definitely one fun way to burn calories…even if we are a little biased 😉