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What People Are Saying

Good morning team BikeRowSki,
We’ve just finished our first classes of the ‘new’ BikeRowSki Zone Experience and you guys have done an amazing job. To turn around a product like you have in a couple of days is staggering. I know what kind of work goes into producing something so professional and also how long it takes. I’m fairly confident there were a few ‘all-nighters’ pulled over the weekend. Well done!
For me the headspace that BikeRowSki has given me far outweighs the physical benefits and for that I am indebted to all of you. I look forward to the original BikeRowSki experience but that will come back in time and hopefully someday soon you’ll have 15 in the class to ‘encourage’
I’m too old for social media (only posted once in my entire life…in fact I don’t know how to on most platforms) but I didn’t want it to go unacknowledged that we really really appreciate all of your efforts.
Keep the faith,



Hi guys,
I just wanted to say a massive thank you! It was so good to be back in BikeRowSki this morning. All the little changes which I am sure took so much time and effort to plan were greatly appreciated. I was excited and somewhat nervous going back but I as soon as I stepped into the studio I felt so safe. Loved every minute of my experience and it was totally worth getting up at 5am for! Massive thanks to Jodie for an amazing class and the playlist really topped it off. Well done to everyone involved in the reopening of BikeRowSki and best of luck.



What Our Clients Say

I am so happy to write about my experience in Glasnevin, my favourite class to date and I’ve tried a LOT of gyms and exercise styles!

The coaches; cannot praise the professionalism, personal motivation during class and positive attitudes EVERY single class has blown me away. They take time to correct and push you on when you need to, they all pay attention to the individual and genuinely seem to enjoy coaching the class which translates to us and the energy just levels up! They honestly are the reason I have kept this class up. Karen was my first coach and hooked me in!! Also, I have to say the way Alan buzzes around during class is just phenomenal 😂!

The class itself is always different and challenging in different ways, never boring or predictable. The changes I have achieved in my strength and endurance have been astounding. I have long suffered with back pain and the coaches ensure my technique is always safe and I have never been so pain free for this long while attending a gym. I am so appreciative and relieved to be able to stay fit and pain free at the same time. Also I think that I have never been in such good shape in my life, the class nails the balance of strength and endurance in such an efficient way and every body part is focused on.

Cannot praise this gym enough, a community of hard workers and high energy people all there to help each other get the job done!!

So sorry for the long email, but all the praise for you guys, this class has kept me sane during a difficult year, thank you!

Just thought I’d pop this in 👏🏻


Great spot with friendly atmosphere. Coaches are great. The facility and style of training you should all try.

Alan Starr

Local Guide

Great class. Fab set up. Encouraging instructor. Brilliant music & light system to get the most of your 45mins. Works up a serious sweat. Will be back ????

Gemma Ince

Brilliant, effective and efficient workout with highly knowledgeable and friendly coaches. A great way to up your fitness level and challenge yourself safely with constant instructions throughout the whole class.

Sean Savage

One of the best fitness classes I’ve been to in a long time. I started doing classes 4 months ago and still love it. Great work out at the right tempo and pace. I 100% feel so much better since joining this class, lost over two stone so feel so much healthier and fitter it’s great. And probably the biggest compliment goes to the staff who get a gold star for customer service as they make you feel so welcome every time and are eager to help in anyway they can in order for us to achieve our goals while doing it with a smile, very impressive. Keep it up and look forward to the next class.

Colbert Lynch