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Your Route To Happiness

In a world full of noise, competition and consumerism, it’s important to remember what the true meaning of happiness is to you! More importantly, how can you take steps to improve your mood and live a happier life?

Life is fast paced and we often get caught up in what we “should” be doing, where we “should” be going or what we “should” own. We tend to allow society tell us how ‘being happy’ feels.
For some people, choosing the route to happiness could be as monumental as changing your career path or taking a big leap into the unknown! But, if you take a step back and think about what could make you happy? It could be something as simple as a quiet morning coffee or choosing your favourite route in a BikeRowSki session. Quite simply, it is down to you. Decide what big or small changes you need to make (if any), for you to feel happier.
Really, it all comes down to what you choose. You can choose to see the positives in any situation. You can choose to introduce new fun hobbies or activities to your schedule. You can choose to enjoy the scenery on your drive/walk to work. You can choose to listen to a funny podcast which makes you laugh out loud. You can choose to smile more, and notice those who smile back at you!
It’s often said that you are most like the people you spend your time with. So choosing to be around the right people is hugely important in your route to happiness. Friends can make any day brighter with just a smile and a positive attitude. Finding friends with the same values and interests can help so much. Whether it’s a run, sea swim or simply enjoying a good chat with a friend is a choice you can make today to help influence you in a positive way.
That’s not saying you should feel happy all day every day. Of course, it is healthy to experience all emotions and not feel happy all the time, but the important question is are you generally happy? Are there small changes you can make in your world to make it a happier more positive place? There is no big secret to happiness, but perhaps we should all realise that happiness is a choice and once you make the decision to be happy the route becomes a little clearer and the road a little shorter!
“Folks are usually about as happy as they make their minds up to be” – Abraham Lincoln
Choose happiness!